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I’ve been back to Tulum several times now, Mexico has an irresistible charm for me. Tulum has definitely changed a lot in recent years, but it still remains extremely wonderful. There are so many places where you can carve out some space away from the crowd.

In a few meters you can also go from the jungle to the beautiful white sand beaches.

With Michael and Jessica we decided to shoot at dawn, so that there was really no one around, being able to have more privacy and having the sun coming out of the sea.

I’m not a morning person, I admit, but damn! Is it worth it! Every time it’s like this, I wake up trudging and thinking “when did I ever get that idea!”, then I get there and the spectacle of nature makes me realize it was totally worth it.

We chose Paradise Beach for their session, one of my favorites in Tulum, you don’t have just the sand , but still rocks, palms and different landscape to use.

If you love the beach, the sun and the color of the Caribbean but also the Jungle all seasoned with structures of an incredible beauty and style, Tulum is for you and I recommend…. Call me!!!