One of the most incredible experiences of my life.
Never, ever did I think I would be able to witness a traditional Mayan ceremony, let alone photograph it. Yet it happened, although I still find it hard to believe.

This experience was truly powerful, I recommend everyone to seriously consider this type of ceremony for their elopement or micro wedding.

The ceremony is performed by a shaman, able to involve all the elements of nature, fire, water, earth and air and interpret their energies.

The Mayan ceremony begins by presenting the bride and groom before the seven directions: the cosmic energy resides above, Mother Earth rests below, the four winds are around and the Higher Self is inside the hearts.

Then the 4 elements are connected to the couple, a chalice full of flames is rotated around the couple’s joined hands, water is flowed over their hands through a flower and the wind created through a fan of feathers.

Finally, the couple exchanges vows and makes a gift to Mother Earth by throwing seeds into the waters of the Cenote.

The Cenote la Gloria is one of the places in Tulum, on the Mayan Riviera, where it is possible to perform this type of ceremonies.