Alessandro and Alberto stole my heart.

I met them for their engagement session in Brienno, a wonderful village on Lake Como.

Here you can find a small port and narrow alleys, every corner is a surprise and it seems to have just come out of a fairy tale.

We walked and chatted, Alessandro grew up in these areas and showed me the beauties of this extraordinary village overlooking Lake Como.

It is very different from other well-known countries, and I loved it.

It was an intimate and sweet session and I feel so grateful to had the opportunity to capture their love.

My favorite part of my job is having the opportunity to meet great people like them.

At the end of the walk they invited me into their house whit  the most sweet balcony I had ever see with a magnificent view on Lake Como.

We sipped some delicious wine chatting and laughing for the rest of the evening whit a beautiful sunset.

Lake Como is undoubtedly magnificent, my favorite thing is that it completely changes appearance depending on where you stop.

There are some points where it seems to be in a mountain lake, as in Lenno for example.

Also here you can find some of the most beautiful villas in Italy if not in the world.

Each villa with its own style and particularity

Here you can see one of the weddings at Villa del Balbianello.