Are you planning a trip to Santorini? I have some advice for you!

I thought a lot to find a word to describe Santorini and in the end I realize  that, I can’t. No one can use just a word for describe this amazing island.

It is as if everything has always been surrounded by a surreal atmosphere, and the little white alley where suddenly a small square with a blue dome church appears labyrinth-like.

I’ve always loved Greece, my parents read the myths to me from when I was just a baby, I’ve grow up in love with Odysseus and when they brought me and my brother to Greece the first time, at that moment I felt a special connection with this place.

Every time I come back something special happens and I fall in love again.

This was my second time in Santorini, we found VIMA VILLA a renovated traditional house in Emporio.

The choice couldn’t be better, Emporio is a small village in the middle of the island, quiet and faraway from the tourists.

Here you can by fish from the fisherman in the early morning, with the local villagers, walk through the alleys smelling home-cooked food, and come across an old man peeling peas on the street, and others with faces that speak for themselves, marked by the sun, whose eyes are full and deep.

Well, for me this is pure and simple magic.

Can’t wait to get ready for my next trip to Santorini!