I really miss traveling, i miss the feeling when booking the next trip. A year ago at this moment I was planning my travel to Chicago with my friend Sarah and I was extremely excited.

I love going back to the USA, every time I go back I feel incredibly well, wherever I visit and I often think about moving there at least for a while.

I missed Chicago, I had never been there and I loved so much.

We took it slow, we had 10 days but we wanted to enjoy the city, live it, not just visit it, this is very important to me for every travel I take.

Our beautiful hotel, The Ambassador was located in gold coast, and every day we had walk trouht the city trying to take a different road each time to be able to see every corner, but the first day we just run directly  to the city center, we was so excited and full of joy to be there and we coudn’t wait anymore to see the Cloud Gate at the Millenium Park. There i could see the Crown Fountain too and i loved that, a lot! It’s just brilliant!

The architectural cruise, then, was undoubtedly one of my favorite moments, I fell in love with every single skyscraper, but you know I have a great passion for architecture and design.

We had walk walk and walk again, we had see everything we could, the Art of institute, the Field Museum with Sue (the T-rex), the Willis Tower and of course we tried the Skydeck.

I have a huge list of attractions but our favorite moment even if it’s a cliché was the Chicago Bulls game. I always enjoy going to a game when I go to the US, I have seen the Dodgers twice in L.A. and the Mets in New York, I’m not really a sports fan but I love the atmosphere at these events, it’s not just a match it’s much more and I love being part of it even if it’s for a little while.

Another thing I really like is eating junk food and trying all the typical dishes of that place.
So we couldn’t miss the Deep dish pizza, Chicago Hot Dog and Garret’s Popcorn.

Last night we were in a club where they play live blues, I wish I had done it earlier.
It was the two of us and a few other people in that tiny place with the musicians not even a meter away from us. It was surreal, one of the most exciting experiences of my life, the saxophonist came over and continued his solo shoulder to shoulder with me, it was just … WOW! I love the blues but even if you don’t like it I recommend you absolutely go.

And now I just want to take you with me for a walk around this beautiful city through my photos.