Autumn is definitely the season I love the most, especially if I manage to escape into the mountains for a few days.

These landscapes excite me every time, these colors make me smile immediately.

Surrounded by larches and mountain tops, the Lago delle Streghe of Alpe Devero is not far from Crampiolo and can be reached on foot.

The waters of the lake are of an emerald color made even brighter by the reflection of the larches that grow on its banks and are reflected on the surface.

In autumn, when the leaves turn red-orange and the air becomes colder, the lake is tinged with the thousand shades of foliage making the landscape even more unique and suggestive.

I think these are perfect places for people like me who love the mountains and are looking for a place for a slightly wild elopement.

Easy to reach and full of perfect places to shoot.